The Game

Last Sleeper is a game for the iPad,™ iPhone® or iPod touch®. It is based on the paper-and-pencil game Sleepers by Alex Randolph.

You can play Last Sleeper against a friend or against your device. If playing against the device, you can choose the difficulty level (easy, medium or hard).

Last Sleeper is usually played on a 6 x 6 grid. On the iPad also 8 x 8 and 10 x 10 grids are supported.


Each player in turn draws a sleeper consisting of a head and three line segments into the grid. The player who can place the last sleeper wins.

A line segment connects two neighbouring points of the grid, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Lines may never cross. Each grid point can only be used once.

The heads of two sleepers may not be next to each other, except when they are separated by a diagonal line.

For example, only the last of the following combinations is allowed:


But here's another catch: each sleeper must be unique. All 90° rotations or mirror images of an already existing sleeper are forbidden. For example, the following 8 sleepers are all equivalent and so only one of them can be used in the grid:


This sleeper, however, is different and can be used together with one of the above:


After each round you can decide whether to quit or continue. When you decide to quit, your result is possibly added to the list of high scores.

High Scores

There is one high score for each difficulty level in single-player mode. Up to five multiplayer high scores are saved. The high scores are ranked by:

For example:

  1. 6:2
  2. 4:0
  3. 5:2

The score 4:0 is higher than 5:2 because the score difference of 4:0 is higher. The score 6:2 is higher than 4:0 because 6 > 4.

Monte Carlo Simulation

The app uses Monte Carlo simulation for finding the next move in a single player game, except in easy mode where it just plays a random move. In modes medium and hard the app considers 4 or 8 next possible moves. For each of the moves a number of random games are played until the end. The app then chooses the move that resulted in the highest number of won games.

Screen Shots

See: this page.


Please contact if you have found any bugs or have any comments or suggestions.



This app does not collect or transmit any data to external servers. The data you enter in the app (e.g. the player's name) is stored locally on the device and is removed if you uninstall the app.